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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pistol Pete Maravich

I remember Dad telling me that he had seen Pistol Pete play in Auburn when LSU came to town.  The footage above is of Maravich playing Auburn, but in Baton Rouge.  So I don't think Dad was at this one!  But you never know.  I think Dad said Pistol Pete was the greatest offensive player he had ever seen.  While it's on my mind, Dad said this guy, with his own dazzling nickname, was the greatest baseball player ever.  No telling how many sports-related questions I would ask Dad.  And he knew so much!  In fact, even into his fifties, he would call radio stations in Dothan, AL with the answer to the sports trivia of the day.  And one time he asked me to go down to Dothan to pick up the prize - a case of canned Pepsis.  I remember feeling a bit embarrassed because Dad had told me he'd won it several times.  The folks at the station, when I got there, had that oh-you're-here-for-that-guy look on their faces. 

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Jeffrey said...

very interesting photo...pistol is one of just a few players in any sport to have worn his nickname (his even has quotes around it) on the back of his jersey. elgin baylor was another one (he had a big "e" on the back of his). forgive me, i'm a bit of a uniform nerd.