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Monday, April 30, 2012

True Crime Cards

Uncle Watty collected many things:  baseball cards, autographs, movies, etc.  One of his collections was True Crime trading cards.  We found a couple of boxes of unopened packs in his home.  These got sent to the archive at UAlbany and to Watty's professor friend in Boulder, CO.  And there were a few opened packs.  I picked those up, sorted through them and kept the cards of the most notorious murderers.  Recently, I decided to frame them.  I guess it's my way of remembering my late uncle.  Considering Watty's line of work, I'm sure he would not object to my putting this collection on a wall next to portraits of himself.

Image one shows the front of the framing.  On the back, copied onto foam board, are the backs of the cards, where you can read the morbid details of their crimes.



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