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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Everyone Smile!

On Saturday, my large, blended family, minus just two ingredients, rallied around my dad, who was being honored for his distinguished 46 year career at The Headland National Bank. Before his retirement dinner, we all gathered at the house for pictures. This blended family of ours has been together for thirty plus years. Underneath our funny exterior and in spite of our individual and group idiosyncrasies, we do stand united in recognizing this: Mark C. Espy, Sr. has had a profound influence on our lives.

 Dad and Regina, surrounded by their children.  Oh, and don't forget Baby!
First time in twelve years (or more) that this grouping has actually been together, live, in person or in virtual format!
w/ their grandchildren
Dad said that his father, Major W. Espy, Sr., claimed to be the first Espy to be six feet tall.  Major produced my dad, who is clearly over six feet tall.  Dad, in turn, produced three more sons who joined that magic club.  Miles is the tallest, standing close to 6'5".  And, truth be told, he got his substantial height from my mother's maternal lineage, the Barnettes. 

Granddad Major's first son, Watty, might have also been six feet tall.
Not a technically good image.  Kade likes the light shining through, and I do too.
  How much do Dad and I look alike?


Anonymous said...

In response to your query, nobody would mistake you for being anyone but your dad’s son! Bill

Anonymous said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed spending a huge time tonite, scrolling and seeing the pics and stories contained herein. Some of them take me back to a time when we were all family friends. I knew more on the Grace side, and my daddy knew them all. I do cherish the memories I have of this era in history. As you know, Charles Hayes was my brother in law, my hero.

I remember your dad when he was younger, & we probably played ball against each other, a year or two in high school---------Abbeville & Headland seemed to always have an ongoing rivalry. Boy, those were the days!!!

Please tell your dad hello for me and that he is still on our prayer list at Shorterville Baptist.

Robert Edward Phillips, August 2012

Anonymous said...

Allen, thank you for the pics , especially those of Mark's retirement. I had heard nice reports of it, but it was good to see him with his children. I haven't seen Mark, Jr. in I don't know when, and he looks great. Tell him I said "Hello." I am so thankful you sweet children are rallying around your Dad so closely at this terrible time. I know it's not easy to come the distance you and Mark,Jr. have to drive, but you'll be forever thankful that you've had this time with him. He loves all of you so much. Seeing him, it's hard to realize the condition he's in, but both he and Marilyn have such strong faith that they are able to walk this long journey.

Thanks again and much love to you and Kade,

Aunt Kate Helen
August, 2012