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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!

 Hard not having him around anymore, but very grateful for all the time we did have.
I have had three very vivid dreams about Dad since he died.  As soon as I woke up, I jotted them down.  Maybe I should consult Carl Jung or Sigmund Freud for answers?  But I'm guessing they're with Dad?!?!?  
In the first one, I spoke out loud, which is not uncommon for me when I have a vivid dream, especially unpleasant ones.  In this case, dream one was a very good one.
  • As Kade was waking up to go to the bathroom, I sat up in bed, in a half-awake daze, and said, both happily and in shock, "The parade is coming through, and Dad is in it!  Be careful not to get in its way!" 
  • I was in a crowded restaurant.  I was at table with some people, and I was singing the chorus to A-Ha's song, Take On Me.  As I was singing, I panned the room and saw Dad and Regina sitting at a table. Dad was smiling and laughing hard.  I heard him say to Regina, "I know that voice! That's Allen's voice."
  • I was driving around Headland and spotted Dad at a busy intersection.  His vehicle had broken down, and he was simply sitting behind the wheel looking helpless.  I looked over and he smiled, and then motioned for me to stop.  I pulled over to help.
Interestingly, many Thais are very superstitious (not unlike us, btw!) and equate dreams with the spiritual world.   Deceased family and friends enter your dreams and talk with you.  And, in Thailand, when you share your dreams with someone, you're bound to get some questions: Did they speak to you?  What kind of facial expressions did they have? Were they happy? Did they ask for something? And then they take that information, depending on how well they know you and the deceased, and offer some kind of armchair dream analysis.  Then, if they feel it warrants it, they perform some kind of temple ritual the next day in response to that dream, bringing about positive energy for the dead and the living.

Birthday flowers in memory of Dad - the HNB lobby.

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