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Friday, March 29, 2013

Solomon Family Lineage

Peter Solomon

Peter Solomon married Marie Louise Malone.

Lazarus Solomon 

Lazarus Solomon B. 1765 Tyrell County, NC, D. 20 Apr 1833 Jeffersonville, GA,
married Elizabeth Bedgood B. 1767 NC, D. 3 Feb 1828 GA

(birth order)
Delilah Solomon
Henry Forsyth Solomon
William Solomon
Mary Solomon
John Solomon
Dicey Solomon
James Solomon
Sarah Solomon
Fannie Solomon
Peter Solomon
Hardy Solomon
Carey Solomon
Lewis Solomon
Elizabeth Solomon

John Solomon, B. 3 Jan 1797 Nash County, NC, D. 13 May 1879 Clopton, AL,
married Rebecca Sturdivant B. 30 May 1802 Bedgood, NC, D. 20 Apr 1882 Clopton, AL


(random order)
John Wesley Solomon
Mary Rebecca Solomon
Elizabeth Solomon
James Solomon
Henry Solomon
Sarah Solomon
Susan Solomon
Frances A.H. Solomon
Thomas Carey Solomon
William Lazarus Solomon

John Wesley Solomon B. 27 Jun 1822 Twiggs County, GA, D. 11 May 1901 Seale, AL,
married Elizabeth Jane Covington B. 10 Aug 1834 Barnesville, Pike County, GA, D. 29 Jan 1921 Montgomery, AL


(birth order)
Emmet Wales Solomon
Henry Land Solomon
John Thomas Solomon
Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Solomon
William Milton Solomon
Sarah Rebecca Solomon
Martha Winifred Solomon
James Alexander Solomon
Frank Nesbit Solomon
Ellen Corinne Solomon

John Thomas Solomon. B. 15 Dec 1855 Abbeville, AL, D. 11 May 1902 Headland, AL,
married Laura Emma Price B. 20 Nov 1859 Abbeville, AL, D. 15 May 1951 Headland, AL

(L-R) Front: Sid Eva, Kate, Mamie, Corine Back: Curtis, Bob


(birth order)
Sid Eva Solomon
Mamie Solomon
Curtis Solomon
Ralph Solomon
Kate Solomon
William T. Solomon
Robert Solomon
Corine Solomon

Kate Solomon B. 25 Feb 1892 Troy, AL, D. 26 Aug 1989 Headland, AL,
married Sam R. Vann  B. 23 June 1878 Abbeville, AL, D. 10 Oct. 1933 Headland, AL

L-R:  Emily, Edith, Felix, Kate Helen, Jack, Grandmother Vann, Sam, Grace, Jim, Mary Owens


(birth order)
Jack S. Vann
Sam R. Vann, Jr.
Edith Vann
Grace Vann
William Felix Vann
James Wesley Vann
Emily Vann
Kate Helen Vann
Mary Owens Vann

Edith Vann B. 17 March 1918 Headland, AL D. 25 July 1988 Headland, AL,
married Major Watt Espy, Sr. B 2 Oct 1907 Headland, AL, D 3 April 1980 Headland, AL


(birth order)
Mark Carroll Espy
Marilyn Elaine Espy
Mila Edith Espy

Mark Carroll Espy, B. 17 Dec. 1943 Headland, AL, D. 16 Oct. 2012 Headland, AL,
married Dinah Jen Grace, B. 23 Sept. 1944, Shorterville, AL, D 6 Aug. 2010 Headland, AL


(birth order)
Leslie Ann Espy
Mark Carroll Espy, Jr.
Miles Vann Espy
Major Allen Espy

Special thanks to Bill Vann and Brenda Stroup for taking the lead in compiling and sharing information they had collected on the Solomons.  Here's a wish list of items needed to complete this particular Solomon family lineage project.  Anyone who has this information or who can point me in the right direction, please e-mail me at majorespy@yahoo.com
  • Peter Solomon's portrait
  • Peter Solomon's date/place of birth/death
  • Peter's wife's date/place of birth/death
  • Peter's children's complete names (right now showing only Lazarus) and birth order
  • Peter's children, group picture
  • Lazarus Solomon's portrait
  • Lazarus Solomon's children, birth order and group picture
  • John Solomon's portrait
  • John Solomon's children, birth order and group picture
  • John Wesley Solomon's children, group picture
  • Photos of Ralph and William T. Solomon, plus information about their deaths
  • Help in double and triple-checking names, and the adding of middle names

For each generation, going back to Peter Solomon, my goal is to work with family to get as much of the basic information we can.  Then, I'd like to add more detail to each generation.  I have already started this below.  Examples of items that could enhance the blog posts:   more pictures of certain family members, perhaps some scanned letters, photos of old family homes, short bios with distinct accomplishments of family members, images of gravesites, anecdotal stories that have been passed down, and old family video footage.  If anyone needs assistance in figuring how to get anything to me, please e-mail me at majorespy@yahoo.com  Finally, if there's any editing that needs to be done to the information already or if you have more ideas on how to lay it out better or something else to cover, don't hesitate to let me know.


Anonymous said...

I just came across your site. it looks like we are cousins. I am descended from Peter Solomon. My great grandmother was Eva Solomon .. child of John Thomas Solomon and Emma Price.

I have a Marie Louise Malone listed as Peter Solomons wife .. Got it off roots web so don't know for positive. I downloaded the pics you posted of the Solomon men. They were a Solemn looking bunch for sure!
Would love to know if you have anymore ...

Thanks so much,
Marjorie Whitley

Carol Roach said...

My great-grandfather was Emmett Wales Solomon, a renowned Methodist preacher and circuit rider throughout the Southern states in the late 19th-early 20th century. It is said that previous generations hailed from Alabama, but I cannot confirm this. I have so little information about our antecedents, and would truly be interested in finding a network of people who have more information about the Solomon family.
Carol Douglas Roach
(my mother was the daughter of Emmett Solomon Jr., son of EW Solomon Sr.

Ann Jamison said...

Hello cousins! I am a great grand daughter of Dr. Emmett Wales Solomon. 1851-1942, A Methodist minister in Texas, formerly of Alabama & Georgia.

His daughter Allene was my Grandmother. Her brothers were Emmett W., Beverly Erle, Walter and Henry Land (Hal).

I have quite a lot of information, letters and photographs and I would be happy to share it with you!

Best Regards, Ann

Anonymous said...

My mother was a Solomon. Grandfather was C.S. Solomon. Son of James Millard Solomon. Son of George Millard Solomon. Son of Henry Franklin Solomon. Son of John Solomon son of Lazarus Solomon. Son of Peter Solomon. Very interested in genealogy. - Avery James

Charles Loeffler said...

In my Family Tree Maker file, I have Elizabeth Solomon (1832-1911) who married James Alexander McLeod. They lived in Dale County.

I notice where your John Solomon (1797-1879) had your ancestor John Wesley Solomon (1822-1901). He also had a daughter named Elizabeth, who might be the sister of your John Wesley Solomon.

I also know that John Solomon and his wife Rebecca Sturdivant lived in Dale County and are buried at Arguta Cemetery.

So it makes sense that this Elizabeth Solomon might fit with the one that married James Alexander McLeod.

The reason that I mention this is that James and Elizabeth had a daughter named Frances Virginia McLeod (1854-1906) who married Francis Marion Johnson (1846-1920). Francis is son of Daniel Webster Johnson (1814-1866) and Rebecca Carroll (1822-1888). Rebecca is a daughter of James Carroll (1765-1834) and Rhoda Stephenson (1778-1861).

It is really interesting how our families tie together.

Nancy Daniels said...

I agree that it is interesting how our families tie together! I found your blog when I Googled "MTC Scott" who was my great grandfather (married to Lucy Reynolds Scott). Then I found the Solomon connection. I have enjoyed reading your blogs about Headland, AL especially. Thank you so much for sharing!

Peter Solomon
Lazarus Solomon
John Solomon

John Wesley Solomon (Brothers) William Lazarus Solomon
John Thomas Solomon (1st Cousins) Mary Clayton Solomon Reynolds
Kate Solomon Vann (2nd Cousins) Lucy Scott Reynolds Scott
Edith Vann Espy (3rd Cousins) Mavis Scott Conoly
Mark Carroll Espy (4th Cousins) Suzanne Conoly Roberts
Major Allen Espy (5th Cousins) Nancy Roberts Daniels

Nancy Daniels said...

I agree that it is really interesting how our families tie together. I found your blog while researching my great-grandfather, M.T.C. Scott. He married Lucy Reynolds whose mother was Mary Clayton Solomon Reynolds. I have enjoyed reading your posts about both the Scott's and the Solomon's and have learned so much. I also have enjoyed reading your posts about Headland. Growing up, my mother spent summers in Headland with her grandmother (Lucy Reynolds Scott) and she always spoke so fondly of Headland and all the people there. If I calculated correctly, you and I are 5th cousins on the Solomon side. There is also a family tie on the Scott side. Thank you so much for sharing your blog.

Hank Stroup said...

This is for Nancy Daniels. I am Mamie Soloman Oates' grandson. I could not help seeing you were researching MTC Scott. I knew Cousin Lucy his wife very very well. I was in my 20's when I stopped in Georgia to see her in a nursing home she was in bed but very alert and talked to me about my grandmother. I spent many happy days at the beach with my grandmother and Cousin Lucy. She taught me how to play bridge. My Uncle Neil lived in an apartment in her house a one time. I still remember her beautiful azelas in front of her house and can remember the shirt she gave me when I graduated high school in 1961. I think I last say her in 1966. She was a wonderful smart woman. Laughed easily and loved telling stories. She was a big part of my early life, I loved her and still think of her often. Thank you for mentioning her name it warmed my heart. Hank Stroup

Nancy Daniels said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet memories of my great-grandmother! I love that you call her “Cousin Lucy”! We called her “Ning Nang” (I can only guess that my mother, Lucy’s oldest grandchild, couldn’t pronounce “Grandmother” and that “Ning Nang” just stuck.) I remember learning to play “Slap Jack” on Ning Nang’s living room floor when I was 3, almost 4. I also remember her asking who would like coffee and I said “me” and she served me a cup! And I remember getting out of bed at night and sitting on her living room floor next to the window that led to her front porch trying so hard to hear what the grown up’s were talking about out there on the porch! That was Thanksgiving, 1965. Thanks again for sharing your sweet memories and for loving her and for visiting her in the nursing home! It warms my heart to learn of your special bond with her! If you would like, I will send you a photo of her and a photo of her house in Headland with the azalea’s in bloom. Just send me an email at nancy@danielserickson.com so that I can get your email address. (I clicked on your name but couldn’t figure out how to send you a private message and I don’t think photos will post here in the comments).