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Monday, May 27, 2013

John Jolly Espy, Financier

Back in the '90s when I was working at the bank, Dad gave me this portrait of my great-grandfather, John Jolly Espy, Sr..  Dad and I "unearthed" it together from a trunk of family memorabilia he had at home.  Incidentally, it was the exact same trunk where I discovered those prized Russia items (Granddad Major's trip).  Dad let me take this portrait and a couple of others.  I took this one, had it framed, and then gave it to my brother Mark.  I did the same thing with another portrait for my brother Miles .

Below is one of the unique family documents that Aunt Marilyn, granddaughter of J.J. Espy, Sr, passed along to me for my generation's safekeeping.  Click on the last page to get a quick view of the write-up's date, who wrote it and for what publication.  To view clearly, click each document to enlarge, right-click and save to your desktop, then reopen and zoom.  If anyone needs an e-mailed version that's probably even easier to read, get in touch with me at majorespy@yahoo.com. 

w/ Aunt Marilyn

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