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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life's A Beach

Dinah Grace, Dorothy Grace, Stephen Barnette, Wilodene Barnette

Wilodene was Dot's sister-in-law - married to Dot's brother, Dewitt. Stephen and Mother (Dinah Grace) would be first cousins. I am fairly confident this was taken at Panama City Beach, Florida.  Circa 1947, just after WWII.

one of mother (Dinah Grace) - probably same trip above

My grandparents, Victor Allen Grace and Dorothy Barnette Grace, seated in the front.  Not exactly sure who the other people are, but Mother could be the taller girl standing on the right.  Victor and Dot would take trips to Panama City.  Circa early '50s.

 Mother - circa 1960s

sister Leslie and our grandmother Dot

My grandfather, Victor Allen Grace, holding my sister Leslie. 
Panama City Beach, Florida.  Circa 1960s.

a condominium where we stayed in the 80s (possibly Pinnacle Port, where Dot's brother Dewitt lived)

These are some shells Mother kept.  We used to go hunting for sea shells.  Maybe these were some we found!

Some photos of us at the beach in the 80s.

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