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Monday, July 29, 2013

Edd's Place

Growing up in Headland in the '70s and early '80s, Edd's place on the town square was the place to grab a bite.  I remember those cheeseburger plates to go, sealed in a brown paper bag.  And it seems like there was a toothpick running straight through the burger, holding it together.  I ate some hot dogs, too, but I definitely was more into the cheeseburgers.  And I thought the fries were quite good.  Sometimes Mother would call in an order, and I'd run in.  When I entered Edd's, I recall seeing Tom Posey shucking those oysters and fixing those hot dogs behind the counter.  At church, when I'd see Edd, Tom's father, in my child's mind he was a celebrity of sorts.  Probably most intriguing to me were the ads around town proclaiming the hot dogs to be the best in the world.  At that age, I saw no reason to dispute it.  They were indeed delicious.  Wish I could try one now. 

During my travels, I have been known to drop off a Headland National Bank cap or two w/ folks I meet or perhaps just trade one for some item of interest.  Probably a few bank pens are in far flung places as well.  Question:  Is it Edd's or Ed's??  Could the paper have a typo? 

Found these other pics on a Headland Facebook page.

And below is a photo someone e-mailed me
My dad, Robert L. Hennessee (left), was a recruiter for the Army when he came back from Germany in WWII. He was stationed in Montgomery and a huge fan of the perfect burger and local restaurants. (I don't think I ever ate at a chain restaurant with him - cafeterias -K&W, Piccadilly, etc. excluded) So... I am thinking he ate at Edd's whenever he was in Headland recruiting.  My dad was very charismatic and would have thought it a huge claim to fame to be able to say he knew "Edd" personally. This picture was most likely taken in the late 40's.?   - Barbara Hennessee   UPDATE: Apparently there's a  question that this is even a photo of Edd Posey and Edd's place.

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Anonymous said...

My Daddy worked there for about 30 years on Sat. nights shucking oysters (during oyster season). He loved it cause he got to talk to everyone in town and hear all the latest gossip. He would work until about 7:30 or 8 on Saturdays. I loved Ed's hot dogs. I have pretty near replicated the chili recipe, although not quite. I don't recall ever getting a cheeseburger from Ed's, although I do remember that they used to be called "ground beef sandwiches" instead of hamburgers/cheeseburgers. - Brenda Stroup