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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

All I Wanna Do

This past Sunday we went with some friends to the vaunted Biltmore Estate to see the lovely and talented Sheryl Crow in concert.  She did not disappoint!!  And neither did that bear that we saw as we drove onto the property!  We only got to see the bear's back half and rump before it  walked up a slope and into a thicket where it was quickly camouflaged.  Although we scrambled to video the bear, we just missed getting any good footage.  On my YouTube channel, if your eyes are good and you can make out moving branches, perhaps you can see something.  For those desiring the bizarre, we did capture on film a very weird critter that I called a SLISH - a cross between a slug and fish.  It looked like it had just emerged from a stream and begun to crawl, for the fist time, across a trail where we were walking.  It looked like something out of MEN IN BLACK!
The video below shows the venue where the concert was held and a gorgeous area where we picnicked beforehand. 


our friend Tracey took this image

A look at Sheryl Crow in concert HERE.

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