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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oysters: Oh, I love them!

Oyster Housing Brewing Company in Asheville, NC opened a few months ago.  It has quickly catapulted into one of my favorite dives. 
Their website is here.  After looking at menu, be sure to check out the beers they brew and take a walk through the photo gallery.
Below are some images I took.  I ate a full two dozen raw ones and drank one beer.  I stayed away from the warm water Gulf Coast oysters and instead focused on the five cold water varieties.  One reason the oysters are more expensive than normal is because they are flown in daily, and from places all up the East coast and into Canada.  We are in the mountains!  But I will say, as much as I like Gulf Coast oysters, especially at Hunt's in Dothan, AL, I have now found some other varieties I like as least as much.  Now if I could just get a chili dog and bottled Coke, and the ambiance Hunt's offers, well, I would almost be at home.  And the prices down too!

One of my bigger bucket list items is to fly to Paris, rent a car and simply drive west to the coast.  From there, I would drive south, right along the coast, indulging on the most scrumptious and freshly harvested raw oysters served in local bars and restaurants.  Besides Kade and me, I really don't want to see any tourists.  After eating our way to the French/Spanish border, and after visiting a Bordeaux vineyard or two, we would drive east to the topless beaches (the French Riviera) along the Mediterranean Sea, where we'd spend a week soaking up the sun. 

Mom thought Victor Grace's family tree ( a branch) goes back to France.  Thus far, it's only speculation.  Haven't come close to verifying it.  But maybe this could be a future project? 

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