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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Knob

“The mountain has left me feeling renewed, more content and positive than I’ve been for weeks, as if something has been given back after a long absence, as if my eyes have opened once again. For this time at least, I’ve let myself be rooted in the unshakable sanity of the senses, spared my mind the burden of too much thinking, turned myself outward to experience the world and inward to savor the pleasures it has given me.”
Richard Nelson, The Island Within

On the Art Loeb Trail at Black Balsam Knob - Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville, NC
Early this morning I met up with some local folks who, like me, enjoy spending time outdoors.  The four of us got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed south.  Our destination was Black Balsam Knob, an area of incredible 360 degree views, and a place where I had been wanting to hike for at least a couple of years.  On the way there, we pulled off at some overlooks and took in breathtaking vistas.  And then after we did the Knob, we decided to see the lower falls at Graveyard Fields.  There, we had a picnic, and I even put my feet in the icy cold water.  Just wonderful.

Here are some videos I made of today's activities:


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