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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Headland vs Abbeville, Sept. 8, 1961

These are scans from the Official Program (priced at 15 cents).  For now, I simply have scanned the pages that have some family significance.  In the near future I will add more pages.  Obviously there were more than just two cheerleaders!  The cover of the program and a lot of the business ads are quite interesting; I'll end up posting them, for sure.  What's significant about this particular matchup - the game against rival Abbeville - is that my mother was a cheerleader for the Yellow Jackets.  She would have been on the opposite sideline, and likely Victor and Dot Grace had hit the road for Headland and were in the stands.  She and Dad were already dating at this point.  I do remember Mother saying that after a game - and I would think it's likely this one - she went over and spoke with Major and Edith Espy.  One thing I will also do with this blog post is create a link that can take you to the Abbeville High cheerleading squad.  And hopefully I can find news articles from the game.  I don't know who won!

Dinah Grace, Abbeville High Cheerleader


 I see some Solomon relatives, cousins Sid Brannon and Bill Vann, and Don McClendon.  And be sure to take note of the letter from the HAA president.
Looked in my La Resume (yearbook) for 1962.  They gave all the starting football players nicknames.  Examples: Ronald "Foots" Knowles, Ligon "Doc" Solomon, etc.  Your Dad's was Mark "Shorterville" Espy.  I had never noticed that until tonight.  Funny.  - Brenda Skinner (Stroup)

Not sure if Penny is related to me or not.  Maybe I can get some help identifying folks here.
Penny Solomon is related to you.  She is Mark's 3rd cousin.  Her father was Gib Solomon (he may have worked at Headland National Bank??)  I am on the third row, second from left.   French Horn player.  Linda Oates (2nd cousin) is a tenor drummer, on the far left the first one with the drum.  Nelle Solomon (Adams) is the 2nd one, she is also Mark's 3rd cousin and Penny's first cousin.  Their fathers were brothers-Pete and Gib.  Rimson, by the way, is their 1st cousin too.  His dad, Cary, was another Solomon brother.  Ligon Solomon (3rd cousin) is one of the football players.  His dad was Emory, another brother.   - Brenda Skinner (Stroup)
Headland won!  Beat B'Ville 32-0.  It was the first game of the year.  - Brenda

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Allen......I always enjoy your interesting family histories.
I was two years older than your dad-----I started playing basketball and football, in the 8th grade and there was always a tremendous rivalry between Abbeville and Headland, but always a tremendous amount of respect for each other's team, also.
You do a great job.
Robt. E.