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Thursday, December 19, 2013

In The Paper

Headland High School - late '80s
Home Economics

The funny thing is, those shorts I am holding are not mine.  The material I brought to class for the sewing project was actually quite hideous, and I was too embarrassed to hold up the shorts I made.  That's one reason we're all laughing.

I kept my pledge!  One reason I did was because my grandmother Dot and my dad told the four kids, "If you don't drink, smoke or use smokeless tobacco before the age of 21, I will give you some money."  That was incentive enough for me.  The $ was nice, but I also really didn't want to disappoint my grandmother and dad.  Two of the four collected!  I remember going to Dad with a smile on my face and my hand out. 

Incidentally, I tried my first beer at the age of 21 in a Moscow apartment on a trip Uncle Jim and I took to Central Asia in the early '90s.  And I smoked a cigarette and a half in the Latin Quarter in Paris in 2005, when I joined my brother Mark on his vacation in the "City of Light."  Did nothing for me, but maybe I was cool for a moment.  I have a couple of other stories I will add to this in the coming days.

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