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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why be afraid?

Life is possible only in insecurity.  This is something very fundamental to be understood:  Life in its very essence is insecurity.  While you are protecting yourself, you are destroying your very life.  Protection is death because only those who are dead in their graves are absolutely protected.  Nobody can harm them, nothing can go wrong for them.  There is no longer any death for them.  Nothing more is going to happen. 

Do you want the security of a graveyard?  Unknowingly that’s what everybody is trying to do.  Their ways are different, but the goal is the same.  By money, by power, by prestige, by social conformity, by belonging to a herd – religious, political - by being part of a family, a nation, what are you seeking?  An unknown fear surrounds you, and you start creating as many barriers as possible between you and the fear.  But those barriers are going to prevent you from living. 

There is a difference between survival and living.  Survival is only a dragging – dragging from the cradle to the grave, wondering when the grave is going to come.  In the space between the cradle and the grave, why be afraid?  Death is certain….and you don’t have anything to lose.  You come without anything.  You don’t have anything to lose, and one day what you have is bound to disappear.  - Intimacy

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Samrat Babu Koirala said...

Loved your articles and your blog. Greetings from Nepal!! Keep posting!! :)