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Friday, March 21, 2014

Kade @ The University of Alabama

This is when Kade studied at the University of Alabama (UA) in their Intensive English program.  We had gotten married a year earlier, and then I thought, "Well, maybe if we could return to the US together, and Kade could study and just live in my country, it might help us both."  I knew what traveling had done for me, and how being away from your own culture can do wonders for your sense of independence, intellectual growth....and can just enhance your life overall.  So we got a student visa lined up, and we were off to America.  Kade made so many international friendships from her sessions at the English Language Institute - too many to count.  And, lucky for me, as a by-product, I made some great friends too.  I will be adding more pictures here in coming days.  Sadly, had I been more involved in knowing the particulars about Uncle Watty's time at the UA, I would have gone over to the law library to see where he did some of his early death penalty research. 

Instead of giving names here, I will give their countries of origin.
Turkey, Thailand, Japan

Thailand, Colombia, Japan

South Korea, South Korea, Thailand 

 Thailand, Japan, Ukraine, Korea and Belgium.

Belgium, Thailand, South Korea

France, Colombia, Thailand

 Thailand, Turkey

Turkey, USA, Turkey, Turkey, Thailand
Second from the left was one of Kade's teachers.  She and her husband
Mark have traveled extensively and worked abroad.  Here's an update on them.

Colombia, Thailand, Colombia

South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Belgium, South Korea

Turkey, Colombia, Thailand, Colombia

South Korea, Belgium, Thailand, South Korea 

Thailand, Taiwan

From all over! 

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