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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Craggy Gardens, On The Fly

If there's a Blue Ridge Parkway overlook that meets these standards - very close to the city, stunning views, easy-to-moderate trails, accessible to any age group - it's Craggy Gardens.  And it's one of those go-to places that you can easily pencil in "on the fly." And if you are showing off Asheville and the mountains to an out-of-town relative, there's almost no better place to take them.  I did just that yesterday evening.  I took my cousin Amy to Craggy Gardens, and she was impressed.  It had that effect on me too, again, and I have been up there numerous times.


Amy with her parents.  Uncle Major looks on.

Amy glancing down at her sister Carolyn. 
(left to right:  Miles, Mark, Allen, Leslie, Melanie, Amy, Carolyn, Beverly)

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