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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Espy helps piece things together

Sometimes I will Google Search Watt Espy's name to see if there's any interesting "new" content out on the web that I might want to post on my blog.  This discovery I made about the execution of an innocent, mentally disabled man, Joe Arridy, caught my eye.  If you check out the Friends of Joe Arridy website, and then scroll down to the section on reflections on people who fought for him, you will see just how Watt Espy helped "get the ball rolling" in enabling friends and family to ultimately find some of kind of justice for Joe Arridy.   Arridy's wrongful execution could have easily been forgotten, but folks like my uncle had other ideas.

When you finish perusing the Friends of Joe Arridy website, you might like to read this article, 'Sorry, Joe.'  Watt Espy's role is mentioned.  And one more: Joe Arridy Piece by Bob Perske.

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