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Monday, October 13, 2014

"You're a helluva mover." Fred Astaire, in a phone call to Michael Jackson

On weekends in the '80s I would have the television in the den on MTV.  I remember specifically seeing this concert footage of Michael Jackson touring in Europe. I was as mesmerized as the fans at the concert!  I have to give Dad credit, I don't recall him ever saying "Turn that off."  Nothing negative anyway.  He sat in his chair and read the paper or was getting the grill going.  Plus, everyone knew how much I loved MJ!  After I'd get my fix, and probably about the time a sports game was coming on TV, I'd give over the remote.
Another time, I rented the Making of Thriller (the video short movie) VHS tapes and watched it at least a couple of times one weekend.  Turns out the Making Of concept was new too.  Enjoy the snippet.

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