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Monday, December 22, 2014

Enjoying Cows Today

There is a great story from India.......

A man takes a break from his work and sits under a tree to watch his cows.  A big car drives up, a very rich man gets out and approaches the man under the tree.  He says, "Hey, I know you from school, Rra! Look at you sitting under that tree!  I have worked very hard and become very successful.  I have three hotels and four stores.  What do you have?"  The man says, "I have those cows over there."  "That is not very much", says the Rich man, but if you worked hard, as I do, you could have as much money as I have." The man under the tree says, "Rra, what do you plan to do with all your money?"  "Well, says the rich man, "I have bought my house, and this wonderful car. When I get older, I will be able to sit and relax in my yard." The man under the tree says,  "Ah, I see.  Well, Rra, I have the same plan, but I have skipped all of the hard work for success and am sitting and enjoying my cows right now."

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