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Friday, December 19, 2014

No More Games

I'm listening to Keith Green right now.  I will be very honest.  Although I find a lot of peace in my spiritual life, especially when I'm at a low point, I just don't have a lot of belief in organized church.  I don't really even go, and I'm happier than ever.  I remember a slow shift years back (early '90s) when people in Birmingham would ask if I was a Baptist and my answer was, "No, I'm a Christian."  I'd do that just to throw them for a loop a bit to point out the divisions among Christians.  Later - and this is long before I started this current journey overseas - people would just ask if I was a Christian, and I'd say, "No, I'm a believer."  I did it for the shock value more than anything. In scripture, Christ condemned church-going people more than others. I just think that organized religion and church is a game. I don't want to play games anymore.
                                                                                         - from an e-mail I sent my brother in 2003

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