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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Down by the River

In Bangkok, Kade and I spent an afternoon in the vicinity of Thammasat University, right on the bank of the Chao Phraya River (the "River of Kings").  We had plans to find a unique coffee shop I had researched online - one that had a bicycle theme.  It was one of the numerous independent coffee shops that had sprouted up in the years since we lived in Bangkok.  I do love coffee!  In addition, Kade wanted to take me to a particular temple of historical significance.  Other than that, we were intent on grabbing something to eat and simply walking alongside the river, through one of the city's most fascinating markets, doing something, or nothing.  And if we happened to find some souvenirs, well, we'd make some buys.

Look closely at the colors of the temple roof (click once to enlarge).  A little bit of Auburn.  There was at least one other temple that had that striking orange and blue combination.  Tossed in an image of a monk on a smartphone.  It is 2015!!!
If you desire to see write-ups, videos and photos that give you some details of our time down by the river that afternoon, click the links below. Enjoy!

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