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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Headland's Dime Store, 1934

 Sing Solomon (far left) was not a relative of mine, but she did work at the Espy Mercantile Company.  Nadine Redding, next to Sing, was a friend of my grandmother, Dorothy Grace.

I posted the photo on Headland's Facebook page and got these comments: 
Loved Miss Sing! Used to sit with her in her front porch swing and talk. I also sat with her in church a lot and was sitting with her the day I went down front to make my public profession on faith. Wonderful memories of one of the sweetest ladies I ever knew.  - Julianna Folger Bostwick
Miss Sing was a wonderful lady. We lived 2 houses from her on Cleveland Street. She would stop by our house every Sunday morning and we would walk to Sunday School together. - Jean Beasley 

I grew up next door to Miss Sing, a sweet, sweet lady. Her little "drop biscuits" were as tasty as Krispy Kreme donuts. My two sisters spent a lot of time with her listening to her stories and poems. I believe she had two children, both of whom lived in other areas but rarely came to visit. Even as a young kid, I could never figure out why. - Bobby Hamil
Oh so happy to see Miss Sing! We lived on Whitten Street the first five years of our marriage!  She was always there for us and we visited her nearly every day! We helped her cover her lane cake every Christmas, pour on the spirits and pack them away in her cedar chest! We would have to go over and get them out for her so she could Doctor on them before they were served at Christmas! She was so special because when her health failed it was while I was pregnant and our baby was going to get her name if he had been a girl and she was so excited about that! She passed with dignity and will always have a piece of our hearts! Bobby, I agree, We never figured out why her children didn't visit!! I have an old tape with her telling a story and her contagious laugh! Sometimes I just like to get it out and listen! Sweet sweet memories! Many stories about her house being used for travelers passing through off the train!  She was a real live Southern Lady!!!!! - Cheryl Sellers
We also lived on Whitten St. as children. Miss Sing made beautiful Victorian lady dolls. She used porcelain doll heads and made the bodies and dressed them in lovely handmade dresses. She was a sweet & charming lady. She always welcomed nosy little girls who wanted to see the dolls.  - Brenda Stroup
I lived three doors down from Miss Sing on Cleveland and always enjoyed our visits. She always had time for everyone and did indeed enjoy sharing with you. I was so blessed the day she presented me with one of her handmade Victorian porcelain dolls. I still have this treasure to this day. What a joy she was to all who knew her. One of Headland's finest ladies.  - Judy Pybus Deal

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