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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Jacket, 1962

Dinah Grace 
Abbeville High School 
Abbeville, Alabama 

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Sid Brannon said...

I rode with Mark up to some football game at Abbeville. Obviously they were playing someone else that night. We saw Winston and Phil Griggs there and Phil asked if I wanted to go home with them. I wanted to and when I told Mark he said everything but, !!! HELL NO! I couldn't understand at the time but as years went by I knew why he was so adamant. Phil and I were probably in the eighth or ninth grade. It wasn't that Winston wasn't responsible, it was that I left the house with him and that was how I was getting back there. ( Old saying was " You dance with the one that brung you.")

I can't remember exactly what year it was but, I was at a Headland-Abbeville basketball game (in Abbeville) and some of the guys were teasing Mark as Dinah walked by. I'm sure that they had met earlier than that night but, that was my first knowledge of his interest in her. She was very pretty!