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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Zippy Mart

photo scanned by Craig Dixon

I remember one time one of our pet dogs died and I was standing in the yard with my brother, looking all pitiful I'm sure. Mother walked over and said, "Hey, y'all want me to take you to the Zippy Mart to get some candy?" It snapped me out of my funk. Mom knew the trick.  I liked the Fun Dip candy and Starbursts. 

The Zippy Mart had arcade games - Pac Man, and I think Asteroids!  Spent lots of cash there. They also had baseball cards, which I snapped up.

On occasion, I would ride my bike from the City Pool to the Zippy Mart, to stock up on items before heading home.  The ZM always seemed to be the stop-off point for a long bike journey!

My brother Miles would start his school mornings with a giant-sized Mello Yellow from ZM!

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