Mount Mitchell State Park

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Yard Sale

We had 102 people stop by.  Unfortunately, most were browsing!  A surprise, though:  When the first customers came up, as I was talking with them, I looked up, and there was a bear!  It was just down a bit, on the opposite side of the road, getting ready to scale a fence.  It did just that, and was gone.  It went through a yard, and disappeared.  I tried videoing it. (see below)  The most pleasing aspect of the sale was interacting with people.  I met a lady from Spain, a man who had once sailed around Southeast Asia, a lady who journeyed through Central America, a couple of people who knew Dothan, a lady from Birmingham, one woman who recognized me from my blogs, and then at the end a woman from a church who was trying to gather up leftover sale items for a cause.  In terms of items sold, we were very happy to get rid of the two very large maps - world map and the Pisgah National Forest map. But it was a long, hot day. My sunburn and the sheer exhaustion we felt afterwards were not worth the time, effort and bit of money we made.

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