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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Vann Clan

When they're nine brothers and sisters, I bet it's tough to get them all together and just as tough to get the perfect shot. It was not the age of the digital camera! In this photo, Edith's sister, Kate Helen, was absent. Edith (Deedee) is on the bottom right, looking to the side. And, that's Aunt Emily with the funny face! Top Row: Jim, Sam, Grace, Jack, Felix (Bumps) Bottom: Emily, Mary, Edith

1976.  Kate Helen is in the light blue dress. Edith is in the floral dress. Of course, I must point out the matriarch of this clan: Kate Solomon Vann (Grandmother Vann). She's second from the left in the white dress.

Sam Jr., Sam III, Felix ("Bumps"), Jim ("Jimbo"), and Jack

July 2003
August 2004

2015, Aunt Grace's 95th birthday

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