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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mr. October

This gem comes from my old collectibles from childhood. When October rolls around, only one name comes to mind:
# 44 Reggie Jackson
In comparison to today's top Yankee star, A-Rod, Reggie accumulated 5 championships in his first 14 years in the league. A-Rod has yet to win a single one in 14 years! I threw out their first years, since they were so new in the league that they didn't play much. The legend of the Jax lives on! For Reggie's stats and bio..http://www.baseball-reference.com/j/jacksre01.shtml

Below are two cards my cousin gave me.


I remember my dad telling me about this legendary homerun, and how it was the longest one he'd ever seen hit. Perhaps I had already gotten my first baseball card set, and maybe I was already a Reggie fan. I can't really remember. Or, it could be that Dad's mentioning of this mammoth homer sparked my interest in Mr. October. He certainly became my favorite player.

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