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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marion Institute Homecoming

These are images of homecoming weekend, for two years, at Marion Military Institute (Marion, AL), where my father, Mark Espy, went on a football scholarship for two years before transferring to Auburn University.  While Dad was at Marion, Mom was at the all women's college, Judson, also in Marion. 

Mark Espy

L-R: Dad, Mom, Victor Allen Grace and Dorothy (Mom's parents), Major Watt Espy, Sr. (my grandfather), Marilyn Espy (McClendon) and Mila Espy (Woods) (my aunts). Behind the camera was Major's wife, Edith Vann Espy (my grandmother).

Mom, second from right

 Mark Espy & Dinah Grace

And then 1963

Click here to see Mark Espy, Marion Institute Cadet. 
 Click here to see Mark Espy playing football at Marion Institute.
Click here to see Mark Espy's graduation from Marion Institute. 
 Click here to see Dinah Grace at Judson College.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a good looking couple they were! And you DO look so much like your father! - Marian