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Monday, January 12, 2015

Truly Lucky

The first couple of pictures are from 1975.  These were slides that Aunt Frances once had.  In fact, Cousin Beverly had inherited a bunch of Aunt Frances' old slides and had stored many of them in her garage in Atlanta.  Late last year she turned them over to me to have me look through them.  Lo and behold, these two gems were found!  In 1975 I was four years old.  I am with my siblings:  Leslie, Mark and Miles.  The lady in the photo is a bit of mystery.  I think it could be Pam Woods.  Our dog is Lucky, a beloved Collie that we had for many years.

One last thing to point out is the missing shutters in photo two.  I'm assuming that they were being repainted or simply replaced.

To have found these scans was truly Lucky!


I believe we moved into our home in the spring of 1969. When Miles was born, we were already living there.  - Mark


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