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Sunday, September 16, 2012

John Wesley Carroll

 M.O. Carroll (Major Oscar Carroll) was the son of Major Carroll, Jr. (my great-great-grandfather) and brother of Emma Carroll (Granny Espy, my great-grandmother).  In the photos above are two more siblings of M.O. Carroll:  John W. Carroll and Sam J. Carroll, Sr.

John W. Carroll  is my great-great uncle, and brother of my great-grandmother, Emma Carroll (Espy).  Their parents were Mr. and Mrs. Major Carroll of Ozark, AL.  To see a family portrait taken at the funeral of Major Carroll (again, John W.'s father) click here. In the family portrait, John W. Carroll is marked as # 5. 

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Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog and was excited to see information & photos concerning my family (and apparently yours too!) I knew quite a bit about the Carroll family by way of my membership in the Children (and later the Sons) of the American Revolution. However, I’ve never seen pictures except of my Great Grandfather & Great Grandmother. George Luther Dunn & Corrine Carroll Dunn. Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you for posting that information. It was a blast to associate a face with the names I’ve heard of all my life.

My cousins Kim and John were born, raised, and live in Ozark. My Dad, James Carroll Dunn, Jr., was an officer in the U.S. Army. Therefore, I was a military brat that didn't grow up in Ozark. However, I do have some books, papers and pictures I can dig up. Corrine was my great grandmother. My Grandfather was James Carroll Dunn, Sr., who passed away at age 90 in 2012. That side of the family definitely has the longevity gene. I do remember Corrine, though she passed when I was four in 1976. She lived in the family house next door to the Methodist Church on Broad Street in Ozark. When she died the house went to the Church. They sold it and put a parking lot there. The house though still exists on the Bypass (US 231) and is part of a number of houses moved to that site for an artist colony.

Take care. -Chris Dunn