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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tuskegee Greatness!

In one of my classes at UNCA I had a professor from Tuskegee, Alabama. On the first day of class, before she knew I was from Alabama, she said, "I bet no one can tell me anything about Tuskegee." My hand, of course, went up.  I proceeded to tell her a few things!  I shared with the class about Dr. Booker T. Washington and his contribution to Tuskegee Institute, and I pointed out that the 70s band, The Commodores, were students there.  Lionel Richie, as with Michael Jackson, emerged from a dynamic, successful group to become a solo icon of the eighties.

Despite my trivia success that day in class, ironically, the only B I have received in nine classes came at the hands of this very professor! I have had As in all others.


Anonymous said...

You’ve likely looked at his bio but it’s quite interesting…born in Talladega and moved to Joliet, ILl but came back to Tuskegee on a tennis scholarship…attended AU for grad school for a while and I think he may have been there when I was there but I’ve not been able to pin down the time-line (I graduated in ’70, Mike in ’74.) He didn’t come into my consciousness until about ’77 or ‘78 and I was here in CH by that time. - Bill Vann

Major Allen Espy said...

There was a kindergarten teacher in Headland who was a colleague of Mother's, and she was Lionel Richie's cousin, believe it or not. I remember Mother telling me that around Christmas one year this kindergarten teacher got a $500 check from Lionel (and she was a distant cousin) and showed that check around the whole school. This was when Lionel was in his heydey. Imagine the impression that made!