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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wiregrass Legend Dies

As a kid growing up in Southeast Alabama I was very aware of two local TV personalities: Gene Ragan and Ann Varnum. And, when I happened to see them in person for the first time - Ann, at a restaurant, and Gene at a livestock show - they had star appeal, at least to me at that age.  Shows you the power of television!  Just to a share a more personal note, Ann Varnum and I have actually corresponded a few times via e-mail and by phone.  Back when Kade's sister was diagnosed with Lupus, someone told me that Ann had Lupus, and has had it most of her life. To learn more about the disease, I simply reached out to her, and she was very helpful and encouraging.  What's interesting is that, as we talked a bit more and she found about Kade's Thai cooking talents, she asked if Kade might want to be on the cooking segment of her morning show.  Someday it may happen!

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Anonymous said...

I happened to see a local news program where they detailed some of his contribution to the TV and farm world in the Wiregrass. While the speaker was telling the news the picture of Gene Ragan on the screen was one of him receiving an award for something.....and the presenter was Mark Espy, Sr.! I only saw the last bit of the segment, but would say the picture was made at least five years ago.

Take care,

Dale Baxter