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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Q&A with Mark C. Espy, Sr.

This is just five months ago.  Dad was in the middle of a series of cancer treatments at MD Anderson hospital in Houston, TX.  Between treatments he'd come back to Headland, where he would rest at home, work occasionally at the bank and visit with family and friends.  He was also still pretty active with his horses.  Whenever we had the chance, Kade and I would go see him.  One visit, I asked him if I could set up the camcorder and just talk with him some.  This is what we produced.  It was a lovely morning, just after 9 AM.


Kate Helen Vann Lutrell said...

Fri, 2 Nov 2012,

Allen, Roy and I have loved hearing the interview with Mark. I had a problem with my computer before the interview ended. The screen went black, and I had to call Emily for help. She ended up having a friend of hers check the computer, and he found the trouble and repaired it or replaced the Windows which was the problem. Anyway,, we will start again and see what we might have missed. I think you have done remarkably well and hope to see your project in its completion.

The service for your Dad was so uplifting and hope that it was a comfort to you and the family. I loved seeing Mark, Jr. after so long a time. It's hard to keep up with all the many descendants of this big family of ours, but I do love to try. It's sad that we have to meet so often with deaths, especially when it is someone of Mark's generation. You expect and accept the older ones of us as natural.

We are saddened to hear Marilyn will have to start more chemo this coming Monday. She has been so brave thru it all. This last one was terrible, and I pray that whatever the doctors are trying will be easier on her. Also Jim will begin his treatments soon, and that's one more hurdle.

Oh, I remembered arriving at Lake Espy shortly after Mila hit the wall felling the concrete blocks. Someone exclaimed over the sight, and Major quickly said, "That's alright Mila. We'll just get it taken care of." He loved his children to pieces. Somehow I don't remember the car incident, but I'll bet he was as upset at having to whip Mark as he was about his new car!!

Thanks for the work you have done on your family. I know you have spent endless time compiling what you've done so far, but you will make a lots of people down the line happy.

Love you and pretty Kade,

Aunt Kate

Robert Edward Phillips said...

Hey Allen,

Have been watching the interview with your dad, there on the porch, for the past 35 minutes.

It is so very good and interesting-----you have done a wonderful thing that will be so meaningful for generations to come.

I just turned off after Mark finished telling about your granddad taking Bro. Roby Lee to his first ballgame!!!! Great!

I will for sure finish this another nite!

Your dad surely looks good in the video, and I believe he was really enjoying it. What a treasure!!

Anonymous said...

Allen, this is priceless! I love that you have documented so much family history. What a gift to your family and all of us who love your family. Thank you! - Jeanine Holman

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. I was not even aware of his battle with cancer and know that it's been a hard year for you and your family as he went through treatment. Thanks for copying me on the video and it was such a good idea to record that so that you have all those memories and facts on record. Your dad was such a great man and I always enjoyed getting to visit with him when I had the opportunity. I wish I had done something like that with my dad, who passed away eight years ago. Losing a dad is not easy and you will always reflect on the times and experiences that you had together over the last 41 years. -- Vince (Oct 2012)

Anonymous said...

Bud and I are enjoying the video. It is great having some important family history there, and the family stories are a real treat. You are very fortunate that you can visit with your dad through the video at any time. Beverly (Oct 2012)

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear about your dad's illness. I was not aware that he was ill. Yes, I remember meeting him several times when I visited you and your family back in 1998. I think we met in your bank in Headland once, and then in your family cabin in the Espy Lake over a dinner; was it a family reunion in Christmas? I thought he was a larger than life character. Please pass my greetings to him. Kobil (2012)