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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

In the late 90s I started collecting quotes.  I bought a book of 1001 positive quotes, highlighted the ones that stood out to me, and then hired a lady to type these favorite ones on business card paper stock.  Then, from time-to-time, I would mail these quotes to people that needed a boost of creativity, some friendly advice or just a pat on the back.  Later, when I started traveling more, I took many of the cards with me, and when it was time to exchange e-mail addresses with new friends, I would simply hand over one of the cards with my name and e-mail address written out by hand on the back.  To this day - and it's been thirteen years! - I still have a stack of these quote cards.  Been thinking about using them again, perhaps when I travel to Asia next month.

How does all this relate to Billy Joel?  Well, when I had these quote cards made up, I also just kept some blank cards around - light green ones, also about business card size.  I would keep them handy in case I heard some song lyrics or movie lines that inspired me.  I would write them down, and then keep the cards for myself or pass them along to others. The song My Life by Billy Joel seemed very pertinent to my life and circumstances, and I jotted down some of the lyrics on one of the cards.  And, on my first return visit to the USA (and Headland, AL) in 2000, just after the backpacking trip, I visited with a close cousin at a coffee shop in Dothan, AL.  He was curious to know how and why I moved on like I did.  Halfway through my spiel, I  pulled out the My Life lyrics card from my wallet, and just read it out to him.  He too was contemplating some big life decisions, and the words rang true to him as well.  Today, this song still resonates with me!  Could be even played at my funeral someday....you never know!  Just hopefully not by Billy Joel (at least live)!!!

For the record (pun intended), I actually saw Billy Joel in concert at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, circa 1998.  My brother Mark and I went on a double date!  And in 2004 Kade and I saw Billy Joel's Movin' Out on Broadway in New York City.

Keeping my resolutions simple this year.
Write like I've never written before!
Lose 12 pounds in a healthy manner!
Explore more of Asheville's and WNC's natural beauty!
Travel overseas!
Create a meaningful way to remember my parents!
Surprise Kade on our 10th anniversary!
Make some new friends and socialize (in person) more!
Submit my DNA for ancestry testing!

Here's the book where I got a lot of quotes I ended using to make those cards.

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