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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lazarus Solomon

Lazarus Solomon B. 1765 Tyrell County, NC, D. 20 Apr 1833 Jeffersonville, GA,
married Elizabeth Bedgood B. 1767 NC, D. 3 Feb 1828 GA
  • Revolutionary War Patriot
  • Served in Rhodes Company, 9th North Carolina Regiment
  • Married Elizabeth Bedgood in Nash County, North Carolina
  • Lived in Montgomery, Wilkerson, and Twiggs Counties, Georgia
  • Fathered 14 children and progenitor of Solomons in Georgia, Alabama, and West Texas

      490. Lazarus Solomon38,38, born 1765 in Washington, NC, USA38; died 20 Apr 1833 in Twiggs, GA, USA38,38. He was the son of 980. Peter Solomon. He married 491. Elizabeth Bedgood 1788 in Nash County, North Carolina.

491. Elizabeth Bedgood38, born 1767 in Washington, NC, USA38; died 06 Feb 1827 in Twiggs, GA, USA38.
Children (in birth order) of Lazarus Solomon and Elizabeth Bedgood are:

i. Delilah Solomon, born 12 Sep 1789 in North Carolina; died 25 Feb 1875 in Twiggs, GA, USA38; married (1) Freeman Finch; married (2) John Land 24 Mar 1806 in Twigg, CO, USA38; born 20 Dec 178638; died 1815 in Twiggs, GA, USA38.

ii. Henry Forsyth Solomon, born 22 Mar 1791 in Washington, NC, USA38; died 16 Jan 1847 in Twiggs, GA, USA38; married Mary Lucinda Griffin 18 Apr 1822 in Twiggs, GA, USA38; born 20 Aug 180538; died 18 Nov 1858 in Twiggs, GA, USA38.

iii. William Solomon38, born 07 Dec 1792 in Washington County, North Carolina; died 187438; married Susan Smith 14 Sep 1828 in Twiggs, GA, USA38.
245 iv. Mary Solomon, born 13 Jan 1795 in GA, USA; died 01 Apr 1859 in Conecuh, AL, USA; married Green Brantley 05 Jan 1817 in Washington County, Georgia.

v. John Solomon38, born 08 Jan 1797 in Nashville, Nash, NC, USA38; died 13 May 1879 in Clopton, Dale, AL, USA38; married Rebecca Sturdivant 182038; born 20 May 1802 in Twiggs, GA, USA38; died 20 Apr 1882 in Clopton, Dale, AL38.

vi. Dicey Solomon, born 25 Jan 1799 in Nashville, North Carolina; died 25 Dec 1890 in Marion, GA, USA38; married Soloman Wall 1820 in GA, USA38; born 1801 in MD, USA38; died 12 Sep 1867 in Tazewell, Marion, GA, USA38.

vii. James Solomon, born 17 Oct 1800 in Twiggs County, Georgia.

viii. Sarah Solomon, born 10 Oct 1802 in Twiggs County, Georgia.

ix. Fannie Solomon, born 17 Sep 1804 in Twiggs County, Georgia.

x. Peter Solomon, born 04 Aug 1806 in Twiggs County, Georgia; died 01 Nov 1883 in Macon, Bibb, Georgia; married (1) Mary Louise Malone in Georgia; born 17 Apr 1815 in Georgia; died 25 May 1888 in Twiggs County, Georgia; married (2) Martha C. Fort 1833 in Twiggs County, Georgia; born 14 Jul 1813; died 11 Jan 1838 in Twiggs County, Georgia.

xi. Hardy Solomon, born 17 May 1808 in Twiggs County, Georgia.

xii. Cary Solomon, born 30 Sep 1810 in Twiggs County, Georgia.

xiii. Lewis Solomon, born 04 Oct 1812 in Twiggs County, Georgia.

xiv. Elizabeth Solomon, born 10 Mar 1817 in Twiggs County, Georgia.

Hank's 1st cousin Le Bateman (grandson of Neil Oates and great-grandson of Mamie Oates) was quite a genealogy researcher. He died a couple of years ago and I don't know who has his records. I will probably see his aunt in a couple of months and try to find out what happened to all his research. Would be great to get our hands on that! He sent us a copy of a will belonging to Lewis Solomon which mentions Peter Solomon. I only have a paper copy so I will scan/enter that document and send to you when I get a few moments. - Brenda Stroup

Apr. 20, 1833
Twiggs County
Georgia, USA

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