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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Headland's Oyster Days

Here are over thirty pages from the journal commemorating Headland's centennial birthday in 1993.  To provide a little more depth to the story of John Jolly Espy, Sr. bringing back oysters from Florida when his car was in a head-on collision, killing him, read the last paragraph of page seven, and continue until it ends on page eight.


the excerpts from pages 7 & 8


Bill Vann said...

Em is one of the children of Ligeon Solomon, whom we know is related to GM Vann but we don’t know precisely “how”. His siblings are Mary Ligeon (spouse of Julian Epps, the well-known Headland architect), Gib (of HNB), Carey, (Rimson’s father) and Pete (also of HNB).

“Em” was one of my favorites of the children because he used to hang-out in White-Vann Company and I got to know him best. His son (John) was in the class of ’66 with Sid, Mila and me—and Patsy Skinner too! He was a good FB/BB player. You may know his daughter Roda — she married Bobby Boone and they own the nursery off the Dothan highway just south of Headland.

Anonymous said...

Emory, affectionately known as "Em", was the son of Daisy Redding and Ligon Solomon. His siblings were Donald Gilbert (Gib), Charles Prioleau (Pete), Olin Carey, and Mary Ligon Solomon Epps. You may know Rimson Solomon. His father was Carey Solomon. That would make Em your Dad's 2nd cousin 2 times removed. Their common ancestors are John Solomon and Rebecca Sturdivant.

Em's son Lig was in Mark's and my class (Class of 62). He died several years ago of some type of heart trouble at a young age. I remember in Jan 1953 our class walked from Headland Elementary School to Em and Elsie's home to watch the Eisenhower Inauguration on TV. They had one of the first in Headland. They were both sweet, kind people. - Brenda Stroup