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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Washington State/Oregon Trip

This is a trip my brother Mark and I took in 1996. I have several pics scanned, and I have some very interesting stories to share. I will work on this post over the next week, so check back in.

The idea to travel to the Pacific Northwest was primarily Mark's.  Through banking in Atlanta, he had established some business contacts with many folks at UPS, including some descendants of the founding family.  Some of these family members were in and around Seattle.  So, we had had been talking about it on that front.  In addition, from my time in Uzbekistan in 1994, a couple of friends I made lived in the Pacific Northwest - one a Michigan-born University of Oregon graduate student, and the other, a proud Oregonian, hailing from Portland.  I wanted to see them.  And that we did!

Another interest Mark and I both had was the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Mark had always had an interest in Thomas Jefferson, and we had gone together to Monticello in Charlottesville, VA prior to this trip, setting the brain gears in motion.  In Monticello, we heard more about Lewis and Clark, and actually saw some of the gifts they brought back to Jefferson.  Traveling out to the Pacific Northwest was going to be our own little expedition!  One thing we did was go by lovely Lewis and Clark University.

Our itinerary: 

Flew to Seattle, Washington
Drove Olympic Peninsula Road (around Olympic National Park)
Made stops in Port Orchard, Kitsap, Port Townsend, Port Angeles
Coastal stops:  Ocean Shores on Grays Harbor, Long Beach
Crossed into Oregon
Stopped at beach town, Seaside
Traveled east to Portland, OR
Drove back north, through Olympia and Tacoma, and back to Seattle

  the West Coast

Seattle skyline from a ferry out on Puget Sound

 Multnomah Falls (shown in video below)

some produce art Mark bought Mother at market in Portland

These are a couple of e-mails I sent out to my friends during the trip planning phase.  We ended up doing most of the items on our wish list.  If I had known about the Oysterville, WA Espys at that time, for certain we would have stuck with the plans to go there.  For the record, we tried a few oysters in Seattle, but just didn't enjoy them as much as those at Hunt's!

And my brother Mark and I have taken numerous trips together over the years - most of them he organized.  Here are some places where we have traveled together:

Hilton Head


New Orleans

Little Rock



Los Angeles


Washington, DC


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