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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Land of Waterfalls

Many lovely, unique towns and magnificent forests are right around us.  Brevard and the Pisgah National Forest are two such standouts.  The last couple of years we have hiked in the PNF and have seen several of the key waterfalls.  I have recorded YouTube videos of most of these adventures!  Here's an example.  We try to knock out a few things each year, doing the hikes and treks that are in the easy-to-moderate realm.  Yet, when you only consider these doable hikes, we have barely gotten started vis-à-vis what's out there, and compared to what some of my friends have done.  This year our goal is to hike to Looking Glass Mountain, seen in video two.

No matter how small a waterfall seems, you always should use caution.  People die every year in these parts because they underestimate the power of the current and just how slippery rocks can be.  We walked up on accident at Hooker Falls in DuPont State Forest where a man had just drowned after falling off some rocks into the water.  And not long after that, one of Kade's co-workers got a close-up look at a hiker who was swept over a waterfall to an instant death.  You can google many stories like this.  Typically what happens is people get caught up in the beauty of their surroundings, and just take chances they shouldn't take.  Nature has its own agenda!

Enjoy the beauty of Western North Carolina, and come visit Kade and me for some outdoor fun!  If you're unconventional and free-spirited enough, we might even take you to Skinny Dip Falls!

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