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Friday, May 24, 2013

Major Carroll Funeral

Photo Source:  The Montgomery Advertiser
This is not a photo that accompanied his obituary.  In fact, haven't uncovered his obituary yet.
An earlier photo - Major Carroll (w/ cane) surrounded by his wife and children.

Bio from his time as state legislator
MAJOR CARROLL, of Ozark, Ala. was born near Ozark, Dale County, Ala. April 25, 1851, and is the son of James and Penny Elizabeth (Kennedy) Carroll, and the grandson of James and Rhodie (Stevenson) Carroll, of Johnston County, N.C. and of Benjamin Kennedy and his wife of Leonora County, N.C.  James Carroll, Sr. came from Scotland first to Ireland, thence to America. His name there was James McCarroll, being the son of Duncan McCarroll.  The Mc was left off when James Carroll came to this country.  He first stopped on the Virginia coast, then moved to Johnston County, N.C. where he became a large planter and slave holder.  James Carroll, Jr. was born in Johnston County, N.C.  He lived at Smithfield in that County until 1837, when he moved to Dale County, Ala.  He served in the Indian War.  Major Carroll was educated in  the schools in and near Ozark, Ala.  He has been a farmer since 1869, and is the President of the M.O. Carroll Grocery Company.  He was a Director of the Alabama Midland and Plant System of Railroads until they were sold to Atlantic Coast Line.  He has served several times on the Board of Aldermen.  He is an active Democrat, and Methodist, a Mason, an Odd Fellow, and a Knight of Pythias.  He was married Jan 11, 1872 near Echo, in Dale County to Sarah Elizabeth Branch, the daughter of John W. and Emma (Hook) Branch, of Echo.  Mrs. Branch's father served in the Mexican War and the War of Succession.
Source:  Alabama Official and Statistical Register, 1911, page 108-109
Legislative Department, Dale County 


Carroll Photo ID
Taken at funeral of Major Carroll
(25 Apr 1851 – 04 Aug 1917)
Ozark, Dale County, Alabama

1. Olive Irene Carroll (Atkinson)
2. Emma Penelope Carroll (Espy) - married J.J. Espy of Headland, AL
3. Sam Jones Carroll
4. Sarah Belle Carroll (West) - her nickname was Sallie or Sally.
5. John Wesley Carroll - an Army major
10. Corinne Carroll (Dunn)
11. Sarah Elizabeth Branch (Carroll) - widow of Major Carroll

One child had already died:  James William Carroll was no more than two years old when he died.  He is buried at Union Cemetery in Ozark along with his parents Major Carroll and Sarah Elizabeth Branch.

Some of the name identifications (above) came from, which like Wikipedia, allows input from anyone.  Sometimes mistakes get made, and bad information gets passed along.  The same, of course, can happen with my blog.  Right now, there's still some confusion over the Carroll men's names.   According to, #3 is John Carroll, # 5 is Major Oscar Carroll, and # 9 is Sam J. Carroll.   However, my research shows the listing above.  Yet when I compiled it, I felt sure it was right.  For now, I will keep my own listing above until we get more information.
James William
Emma Penelope
Major Oscar
John Wesley
Marvin Cook
Sarah Belle
Samuel Jones
Olive Irene

Married names for the ladies:

Mrs. J.J. Espy (Emma)
Mrs. U. McNiel (Anna)
Mrs. T.A. West (Sarah Belle)
Mrs. T. Atkinson (Olive Irene)
Mrs. G.L. Dunn (Corinne)
Mrs. J.B. Mills (Ruth)

The photo (above) was found at the Espy House in Headland, AL. when the house was being emptied before selling. There was a note clipped to the photo from “Florence,” who I assume was Florence Carroll (Matthews) of Ozark, AL.  I don’t know whether she had been addressing it to her Aunt Emma, (Emma Carroll Espy) or to her cousin Sara Frances Espy Sidney Lee.The note read, “This picture was taken the day of Grandfather Carroll’s funeral.  I thought you might like to have a copy.  Love, Florence.”  Florence would have been sending this picture many years after 1917.  - Beverly Espy Dayries

Union Cemetery, Ozark, Dale County, Alabama
Source:  Find A Grave

Sarah Branch Carroll, died in 1933

This blog post is a partial redo.  I wanted to add the cemetery photos and bring attention to the fact that I still need a Carroll descendant to help complete some pretty big missing pieces of the Carroll family tree - for example, correctly identifying all the Carrolls in the funeral picture (above).  I am also hoping to track down Major Carroll's actual obituary - and Sarah Branch Carroll's as well.   Of course, it would be nice to collect any photos of the Carroll line, as far back as we can go, and on up to the present day.  Right now I am creating a Carroll tag in categories, so anything pertaining to them will get filed there.  If anyone Googles this, please e-mail me at Thanks!

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