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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Party @ Highland Brewing Company

Photo from Caroline in the City 
Caroline is a young lady from Atlanta who's a tad unconventional.

There ya go!
Kade's company threw their annual party at Highland Brewing Company on Monday night.  Of course, I got to accompany her.  We arrived earlier than most, and left earlier than most.  I still managed to get some fun video footage.  I drank two types of beers - both on the lighter side.  The first one was the Little Hump Spring Ale.  I can't remember the second one.  But both were tasty!  Can beers be tasty?!!?!?  Interesting note:  Mary, one of Kade's colleagues, who sat with us most of the evening, said she saw four black bears when she drove up on the property!

To learn more about Highland Brewing Company, check out their impressive website, which includes a history of the company, the various beers they make and some video tours.  A very intriguing aspect of the company is how they converted an old dairy plant - and the machinery used to operate it - into a brewery.  It's an example of a company with a big vision.  Starting small, thinking big, and taking action should be their motto.  This proactive mindset is prevalent in the craft beer industry here in Asheville, and in many other sectors as well.

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