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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Lovely Day

Here are a couple of videos I shot yesterday.  I had been wanting these shots of the downtown.  When we later saw the rabbit, which obviously didn't mind us getting very close, I thought, "What a great way to end the day!" Yet something even more fascinating had happened.  In the late morning, when I walked outside, I felt this splash (like rain) on my bald head.  Perhaps it was more like what happens when someone flicks water on you with their wet hands.  It was already hot, and the rain had long gone, so this splash felt quite nice.  I then turned around and looked up, and on the roof was a small bird that was shaking its feathers, drying off from a bird bath.  It did the maneuver once more, and then took two hops and flew off.  I just couldn't help but think of my mother, who loved animals.  She had three "rescue birds" at home, in our house, when she died.  In fact, at Pet Smart, just seconds before she suffered a fatal cardiac arrest, she was thinking about buying a new bird cage - a bigger, more comfortable one for one of her birds.  She had a new cage in her buggy, and decided to  place it back on the shelf because the color wasn't right.  Something like that.  And then everything changed.  So, yesterday, when I saw that precious bird, and thought about that delicate splash on my head, my beautiful mother came to mind.

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