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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Historians, Queens & Governors

Watt Espy's great-aunt, Eva Clyde Stovall Scott.  In 1961, she hands Governor John Patterson an autographed copy of her book, History of Henry County, Alabama, the first of its kindBelow are pages of her book that document the Carroll Family line.  Later I will add her work on the Espys.  A big thanks to cousin Brenda Stroup for providing copies of these pages.

Standing behind Governor Patterson is my mother, Dinah Grace.  Mother, a high school junior at Abbeville High School, had been crowned Queen of the Henry County Civil War Centennial Celebration.  The pageant was held in Abbeville, and included ladies from all over the county.  A few days after the pageant, Governor Patterson came to Henry County for the commemoration and formally crowned the queen at the Henry County Centennial Costume Ball in Headland.  Below, be sure to read Governor Patterson's letter to my mother.   Later in the summer I will devote an entire post to the pageant, where I will include more of the governor's pictures with my mother and various newspaper clippings related to the commemoration and the pageant.

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Anonymous said...

There she is. Mrs. Marvin Scott. When I was a Sr. in high school she would write out everyone's DAR papers and give them to them as a graduation type present. (that is if they had the ancestors) She gave me mine but I never joined the DAR. Still contemplating that move. Agnes Halstead was her daughter. She probably died before you were in school. Agnes was married to Dink, attorney in Headland and she played the organ at the Methodist Church. Agnes also taught English and Latin in High School. She was a character. - Brenda Stroup