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Friday, July 5, 2013

Sunset @ Grove Park Inn

Here are some very nice panoramic views of downtown Asheville, NC and the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, which act as the perfect backdrop for the city.  Starting at 7:50 PM and ending with a sunset view at 8:59 PM, I shot this footage from the terrace at the Grove Park Inn, one of the country's most iconic hotels.  The GPI is undergoing significant renovations in preparation for its 100th birthday, which will be celebrated later this year.  My friend Mark Ellis accompanied Kade and me, and the three of us can be seen in scene in segments of this video.

Some famous guests who have stayed at the Grove Park Inn over the years:  Henry Ford, Harry Houdini, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John D. Rockefeller Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, George Gershwin, Barry Manilow, Will Rogers, William Shatner, Margaret Mitchell, John Denver, Macaulay Culkin, Don Rickles, Yogi Berra, Judy Collins, William Jennings Bryan plus ten US presidents, including FDR and Obama.

And here's something Dad got a kick out of.  Filmed in 2010 at the Grove Park Inn.

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