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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Walk This Way

Pump Tour
May 12, 1990
Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center
Birmingham, Alabama
I couldn't find a video of the B'ham concert, but this is one from the exact same tour.

My last couple of years of high school, Aerosmith was putting out a string of #1 hits.  I didn't really know the old Aerosmith.  Songs like Sweet Emotion, Dream On and Walk This Way(the original version) were a bit before my time.  However, when they released the remake of Walk This Way with Run DMC, and then followed it with hits Dude Looks Like A Lady and Love in an Elevator, I was a fan.  MTV played a big part in this, because Aerosmith videos were played over and over. 

When I got to Samford, towards the end of my first year, Aerosmith was on tour, and Birmingham was one of their tour dates.  Back then, tickets were a mere $20 and you bought tickets by calling Ticketmaster.  My friend Jason and I jumped at the chance to see them.  For many, many years, I would tell people it was the best concert I had ever experienced.  They were very likely the top band in the world at that time.  And Steven Tyler was the charismatic front man.  That night he put on a show, and the whole arena was rockin' with energy. 

That summer, in 1990, in Headland, when I worked at the bank, I bought the Aerosmith Pump CD.  I would put it in the den stereo and crank it up.  One time, I remember Mother rinsing off dishes in the kitchen, and I had Aerosmith on, at high volume!!  I walked into the kitchen and asked if it was alright if I played it that loudly and she said, "Oh, yes. I like that."

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