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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Bit of History


I believe these are the original deeds (or bills of sale) for the property that eventually belonged to the Graces in Shorterville, Alabama.  Mother held on to these.   President James Buchanan's signature is on each certificate, and the year on them is 1858.  As I do research and discover more, I will make updates to this post.

When Mother pulled these certificates out to show me - probably in 2008, when I started "acquiring" blog content - she pointed out Buchanan's signature and the historical significance of the certificates.  And I believe she said that these were from sales of lands that had just opened up after the "deals" and "wars" with the Indians.  And Mother stood there with me, outside, as I shot these digital images.   We needed the natural outdoor lighting, and we used the brick carport wall to place them on.

back of one of the certificates

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