South Slope. Asheville.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Deep Gap Trail

This image was taken at Mount Mitchell State Park, just after hiking the Deep Gap Trail to Mount Craig with an outdoor enthusiast who has recently moved from Los Angeles to Asheville.  Now that I have gotten home from the hike, the funny thing is, I'm not so sure I made it all the way to Mount Craig.  I might have turned back a bit soon, thinking one overlook was the summit.  Luckily, since I live in the area, I can just go back another day.  It might have to be spring or summer, since it's getting considerably colder high up in the mountains. Like the start of winter up there!  The temp was a good twenty degrees lower.

The hike takes you through a Canadian-type, lush forest, with great aromas of the spruce and balsam fir trees. If you want to go farther, Deep Gap Trail continues for another 3.5 miles and crosses three more peaks above 6,000 feet to Deep Gap. There are some great camping sites at Deep Gap. The Deep Gap Trail proceeds beyond Mount Craig to other North Carolina high peaks including Big Tom and Balsam Cone.  - Source

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