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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kade & Babs


I've been on a little Robert Redford kick lately, having recently seen The Company You Keep and All is Lost.  But honestly, I've seen a fair share of Redford movies the past ten years - some oldies and some new ones.  In 2004, Kade and I bought a couple of slices of New York cheesecake and some sandwiches at a little deli in Manhattan (yes, that Manhattan), and walked to Bryant Park, where they were showing an outdoor movie - All The President's Men.  The movie was very good, and the venue was spectacular.  Then not that long after we'd moved to Asheville, I saw perhaps my favorite Redford movie, An Unfinished Life, co-starring Morgan Freeman.  When you consider the movie's message, I rank it as one of best films I've personally seen - in the category with Dead Poet's Society and Good Will Hunting.  But I can't stop there.  I didn't know about Ordinary People.  My brother Mark told me about it, and then I rented it one evening, and we watched it together.  Extraordinary, especially if you have some serious dysfunction in your family.  We could identify.  

As I was thinking of this blog post, I did a quick Google search for Robert Redford movies.  Up came some others I'd seen - some standouts, really.  Out of Africa, The Clearing, Sneakers, and, of course, The Natural.

When it comes to Babs, outside of her role as Ms. Focker in Meet the Fockers, a super funny flick, I haven't really paid close attention to her films.  That said, when I was living in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), likely due to feeling a bit homesick or just bored on a weekend, I watched parts of Funny Girl, a film in which Barbra Streisand won an Academy Award.

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