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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Missing Aunt Marilyn

A year ago today Aunt Marilyn died very unexpectedly.  I personally miss Aunt Marilyn on many levels.  She was always thoughtful and considerate, and I remember how she expressed love, concern and compassion for my siblings and me when my mother was in the hospital dying, and then after my mom died.  Aunt Marilyn stepped up big-time, offering us whatever support we needed.  I know my sister Leslie, living in Headland, particularly appreciated her.  Below is a wonderful note Aunt Marilyn sent just after Mother passed away.  Like her own mother, Aunt Marilyn loved letter writing - really just appreciated the art of it, and the thought behind how personal it was.  She always had a lovely handwriting.  Yet even when her neuropathy flared and symptoms affected her ability to write (like this note, I'm sure), she'd still send cards when she felt the call.  Says a lot!  On a lighter subject, she enjoyed coffee, and I do too.  When I'd visit, or call her up and tell her I was coming to town, she'd say, "Well, I've got some good coffee."  Something like that.  And she'd have a sweet roll or piece of cake to accompany it.  She was quite bright (really an understatement), so she clearly knew that coffee and a quick sugar buzz was the perfect prelude to jumpstarting a good conversation.  And it was!  The stage was set.

circa 2000 
(I had returned to Headland to visit after my travels around Asia)

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