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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Artis Cotton Looks Back

Artis Cotton was one of my teachers in middle school - taught social studies, I think.  And years later, when I was in banking, he was a customer.  He would frequently stop in and talk with me.  I remember Mother telling me anytime she'd bumped into Mr. Cotton in town, he'd always say how much he liked me.  We talked a bit of politics and current events when he had the chance.  I remember the 'Lewinsky Scandal' being one of those hot topics of interest.  Incidentally, Artis' wife Emma was a 6th grade teacher, and it was in her class when Mr. McClenny  (Wyatt McClenny, another teacher) walked in and shared the news that Bear Bryant had died.  Mr. Cotton's memories of World War II and the still very segregated Jim Crow South to which he returned are very sobering.  There we were trying, in part, to free the world, again, and yet our own people - blacks and whites alike - were not exactly free.


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