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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Emma Penelope Carroll (Espy), a photo collection

I intend to add all my photos of Emma Penelope Carroll (Espy) here, and place them in chronological order.  There may be ten or so scans altogether.  I have done something similar with Emma's family below.  In Josephine's case, since she died very young, there are no photos I know of.  But recently I added a poem that was written about Baby Josephine.  Just click the names to see what's been done.



Major Carroll family - Ozark, Alabama
I believe that's Emma kneeling on the left

John Jolly Espy, Sr. and Emma Penelope Carroll Espy
w/ Bud John, Major (on Emma's lap) and Sarah Frances.

Home of J.J. and Emma Carroll Espy Family - Headland, Alabama
J.J. Espy, Sr., standing next to car.  Emma sitting in car.  Little Major to the far right.  Bud John on pony.  And some workers.
The family.

NYC.  circa 1912.  J.J. Espy is flagged.  Emma is wearing black hat.  Kids are with them.  Major is looking at camera.

NYC.  Maybe the same visit, but another tour?  JJ Espy and Emma flagged.
Funeral of Major Carroll.  Emma is # 2.  Her mom is # 11, and the rest are siblings
(L-R)  Major, Emma Carroll Espy, Sarah Frances and Bud John
(L-R) Sarah Frances; Major and Sarah Frances; and Emma Carroll Espy, Major and Bud John behind
Emma, next to the family car. 
Her grandson Watty Espy sitting on car.  Emma was now known as Granny Espy.
Emma with granddaughter Beverly Espy

Emma and Beverly

Emma, Bud John and Beverly

 w/ Beverly
w/ Beverly
Emma Carroll Espy with Patsy, Sarah Frances' dog
Roby J. Lee, Sarah Frances (Sidney/Lee), Emma Carroll Espy
Emma with her granddaughters, Mila (L) and Marilyn (R)



Beverly Espy Dayries said...

Allen, if you should go to the Dale County courthouse and/or library, I wonder if you can find anything to show Granny Espy's legal name. I have seen it Emma Penelope, and that is what I have been using. Many people with Public Family Trees shown on - trees that include our Carroll family, are using Penelope Emma Carroll. Some even say her nickname was "Pennie." Perhaps that is what she was called at once time. However, from looking at the names, I think it is more likely Granny's mother was called "Pennie." There is a lot of useful info on public family trees. There are also huge errors. Most people have not given any sources for their info.

Everywhere I have seen Granny mention herself, she called herself "Mrs. John J. Espy." I've never seen where she referred to herself by a first name.

When the family was clearing out Aunt Frances's house, I got home with some papers where Aunt Frances was filling out an application for Granny to join the DAR. Unfortunately, Aunt Frances had not filled in Granny's first name. (I guess it was other info completed that made me know the papers were for Granny. Don't know where the papers are now, but I do know I kept them.)

It is very doubtful that they had birth records at the time Granny was born, but maybe somewhere there is something to show an official first name. Hey - maybe a marriage certificate??? Maybe a baptismal record?

Some of us Espys are hoarders. Granny Espy had stacks of newspapers and books all over her living quarters. You might remember that Watty had collections before his videos. When young he had an incredible autograph collection, and his dad had something like a trailer or railway car to store them behind his house. I don't recall just what it was. He had many very important signatures. And I too have a difficult time tossing items. I too have my videos. But mine are what I recorded from TV programs - mostly when I was too busy to watch when they were being shown and hope to watch "one day." I'm sure most are so old they will have deteriorated by now. Would you believe about 850? Some are documentaries, some are movies.

Another note about Granny Espy while I'm thinking about it - When she wrote a letter and got to the end of the page, she would turn the paper and write around the borders trying to use up every bit of the paper. She would write on anything handy. Her letters bulged with newspaper clippings. She might as well have just sent us the entire paper. And when she was ready to mail the items, she sat on the just-sealed, just-stamped envelope to make a good bond.

Anonymous said...

I've read all of your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. Did I ever tell you that Mother and Daddy moved into an apartment with your great grandmother, "Miss Emma Espy" in 1935 as newlyweds? I was born in 1939 while they lived there. In 1941 they built the house on Peachtree Street and moved around the corner when I was 2. - Martha Parks (Oct. 2009)

jeff ferguson said...

I happen to come in possession of a book of Sarah Francis Espy called "Little Lame Prince". It has her signature, date of Feb. 15, 1912 and says "9 years old". The next page has the same written in pencil, but adding "Headland, Ala.". My 8 year old granddaughter, McKenzie, is facinated that it's over 100 years old.